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Sound surrounds us in our daily life. Sometimes we choose to listen to these sounds ourselves, for instance when we visit a concert. But sometimes we hear sounds that can be disturbing or even harmful, for example when that same concert we visit, produces to many decibels. Or when cars, motorcycles and trucks rush by over the road, creating lots of noise. 4Silence tries to reduce this noise by developing suitable solutions resulting from scientific research: Sustainable noise reduction is always our goal.

At 4Silence, we work to bring to market new applications focused on reducing the annoyance caused by noise. Because we consider this to be important. Certainly now that technology offers increasing opportunities. We see the advantages of innovation and translate these advantages into solutions in the area of noise reduction.

Our products and ideas improve the lives of all the people who benefit from them, consciously or unconsciously. Long term exposure to noise causes health problems. We want to prevent that. That is why we have passion for our work. We know we are contributing to something important.

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